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Rinse and Repeat

The best part about hiring a new employee is doing interviews, because you can meet wonderful people. Unfortunately, the fun

The Power of Messaging Apps

The two most popular messaging apps are Slack and Microsoft Teams, which is why we built them into the project

Hiring and Chocolates

Everytime I interview a person for a position, I remember two things. First, a recruiter once explained that most interviewers

Delegation Made Easy

Sometimes it is just easier to do something yourself, rather than explain to another person what needs to be done.

 For Your Protection

One of the fundamental rules of accounting is to trust no one and to build workflows to ensure financial integrity.

Who Ordered This #&$@(*& Sofa?

If you’ve been a designer for some time, you have probably experienced the horrible feeling of having accidentally ordered the

A Winning Team

Most of us have worked long enough to know what it is like to work with a winning team of

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