Our Account Managers Are Interior Designers 

When you sign up for Proxy Plus, your firm will be assigned an Account Manager. All our Account Managers have years of experience working as interior designers.  They know the business, have probably worked with many of the same vendors you have and they understand and can anticipate your needs. 

Their role is to help your firm any way they can. They do not do data entry tasks – those are done by Account Assistants – but they will ensure that the data entry tasks are done on time and professionally. However, if you need assistance with something other than data entry, your Account Manager can be your biggest asset. They can do anything from assisting with product research to vendor communications or even client communications. Over time, you will develop a unique working relationship with your Account Manager that will help your firm succeed.

We are highly selective who we hire as Account Managers. They have to be unusually bright and competent. Let them take a load off your shoulders so you can focus on the important things. Over time, working with Proxy will save your firm money, reduce your stress and increase your firm’s profits.

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