The Power of Messaging Apps

The two most popular messaging apps are Slack and Microsoft Teams, which is why we built them into the project management software we use for Proxy Plus called DesignSmart+.


If you haven’t worked with one of these apps, then think of how easy it is to send a text message to a friend. Messaging apps are just as easy and quick, but they have the advantage of having “channels”. So you can create a channel for your Design Project A and a channel for your Design Project B, and the channels will contain all of the messages for each respective project. 


Prior to messaging apps, we all sent emails. Lots and lots of emails. And obviously emails still have a role in business, but compared to messaging apps, emails feel heavy and slow. Messaging is quick and easy.

If you aren’t already using a messaging app, Proxy Plus will help you get started and you’ll soon see what an asset it is. If your firm is already using a messaging app, we’ll share channels so we can easily communicate with you and your co-workers.

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