We are confident that we can contribute to the growth and success of your firm.

How we got started

Having provided project management software to interior design firms for more than a decade, we came to realize a couple of things. First, most designers spend too much time doing everything but design.  Second, staffing is one of the greatest challenges most design firms face.  Proxy Plus was launched in July, 2023 to address both issues.

How we got started

Achieving success as an interior design firm is a huge challenge, but it boils down to focusing on your core competency: design. And that requires minimizing time-consuming distractions . With 13 years of experience working with interior design firms of all sizes, we knew we could combine advanced technology with our experienced interior design staff to offer a unique and affordable outsourcing solution.
ProxyPlus - Innovative Project Management Software

Proxy Plus was launched by The Smart Designer (TSD), a provider of project management software to interior design firms since 2010.

Making life easier for interior designers

With extensive experience working with hundreds of design firms, the TSD team recognized that many designers spend excessive time on tedious tasks they dislike and that could easily be outsourced.

Easily delegate tasks to experienced interior designers

We developed innovative technologies that allow designers to easily delegate tasks to Proxy staff, and we hired experienced interior designers to support you.