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I Love Design. Computers Not So Much. How Can Proxy Plus Help Me?

We hear you and we know a lot of other designers who feel the same way. Here is how Proxy Plus will help you.

#1. Your firm will be assigned an Account Manager who will have years of experience as an interior designer. 

#2. Your Account Manager will train you how to work with Proxy. You can decide how much, or how little, of the software you want to learn. When you have questions, just reach out to them. 

#3. We will relieve you of time-consuming (and soul-draining) data entry tasks.

#4. Our Executive Dashboard will provide project status reports and financial reports on your tablet or desktop computer so you are on top of your projects.

Is There A Minimum Contract Period?

No. You can quit anytime.

What Software Does Proxy Support?

Proxy Plus requires designers to use a new version of a project management software called DesignSmart Plus from DesignSmartProxy Plus clients will get discounted pricing for DesignSmart Plus

Does Proxy Require That My Firm Use QuickBooks?

Most of our clients use QuickBooks, but it is not required.  To learn why using QuickBooks would probably benefit your firm, please click here

I Use A Different Project Management System. Can I Move That Data To DesignSmart Plus?

If you can export non-financial data, like contacts and project data, to Excel, we can probably import it.

Can I Decide Which Services Proxy Plus Provides To Our Firm?

Absolutely. We offer a wide variety of services and you can pick and choose which ones we provide and which ones are done by your staff.

What If I Need More Hours One Month And Fewer Hours The Next?

Not a problem.  Any hours you don’t use will roll over to the next month.

Does Proxy Provide Bookkeeping Services?

Yes and no. Proxy staff can send out purchase orders, client invoices and do many of the tasks that bookkeepers generally do. However, there are bookkeeping tasks, like reconciling your checking and credit card accounts, that we don’t do. This is to be in compliance with acceptable accounting standards.

Why Should I Use Proxy Plus If I Can Hire Employees For Less?
Good question, but the answer is too long to try to squeeze into this space, but you can go to this blog post for the answer. Or give us a call us and we can explain, but keep this in mind: most firms will save money and increase profits when using Proxy Plus.
How Long Does It Take To Go Live?

Your firm can go live with just three hours of live training. There will be more work to do before the system is fully configured, but Proxy staff can do most of that for you.

What is the Cost for Training?

The hours spent on training are deducted from your regular monthly allotment of 20 hours.

Is Technical Support Free?

Yes. Support hours are from 9 AM – 4 PM Central Time.