Why Successful Design Firms Use QuickBooks

The DesignSmart Plus project management system used for Proxy Plus was developed to work with QuickBooks.

While most other project management systems include some level of accounting features, there are very good reasons why successful firms prefer to do their accounting in QuickBooks.

You Control Your Accounting Data Not Another Company

When you depend on built-in accounting features, then when (not if) you leave the project management system, you’ll lose your accounting data. That is not acceptable for successful firms.
With QuickBooks, you control your accounting data.  Moving to a different project management system doesn’t cause you to lose your accounting history.

Easy Access

The QuickBooks Online version is accessible on tablets and mobile phones. Even QuickBooks Desktop can be hosted in the cloud for easy remote access.

Banking Connections

Because of QuickBooks’s market dominance, most financial institutions work with QuickBooks.

Better Accounting Software

Accounting is complicated which is why most of the built-in accounting features in other project management systems are subpar. 

QuickBooks is used by 90% of small businesses in the US. Only products that are an exceptional value achieve such popularity.

Bookkeepers and Accountants Know QuickBooks

Most bookkeepers and accountants know QuickBooks and can support it, making it easy to find one to support your firm.
So no more training new support staff how to use an accounting program they have never seen before.


Most payroll systems work with QuickBooks. This means you can select the payroll system that is the best fit for your firm.

Proxy Plus works with:
Online Version

QuickBooks Online is ideal for most interior design firms.

Desktop Versions

For firms that have more complicated accounting requirements.

Questions you might be wondering about….

Most firms hire a part-time bookkeeper to work with QuickBooks.  To make it easier for principals to stay on top of their finances, the key financial reports and data that they will want to view will be pulled down from QuickBooks and easily accessed in Proxy’s Executive Dashboard. 

No.  The DesignSmart Plus project management software has a bidirectional communication link to QuickBooks. This eliminates the need to do any dual entry. And because it is bidirectional, data can be transferred from one system to the other in both directions.

When a design firm tries to use QuickBooks as their project management system, as well as their accounting software, they will find it inadequate. That is because QuickBooks wasn’t designed to be a project management system. Combining the project management features in DesignSmart Plus with the accounting features in QuickBooks is like combining peanut butter and chocolate. They are a perfect combo.

QuickBooks is an accounting system. Every business needs accounting software to manage its finances. Among other things, QuickBooks tracks sales profit and losses, sales taxes, payroll, checking and credit card expenses.

DesignSmart Plus is a project management system. Designers use it to enter selections and then easily convert them into specifications, proposals, purchase orders, and invoices. You can also track time and track projects in DesignSmart Plus. Purchase orders and invoices are created in DesignSmart Plus, then electronically pushed to QuickBooks.