Which Costs More: Proxy Plus or Employees?

A common error businesses owners make when they consider outsourcing is to compare the hourly cost for outsourcing services to that of a part-time or full-time employee.  Frequently the hourly cost for the outsourcing service is higher. 

What most business owners fail to consider are all of the other costs associated with employees.  The table below outlines a fuller picture of the true cost of having employees.

In House Staffing

Proxy Plus

Recruitment Costs

Not Applicable

Time Spent in interviews

Not Applicable

Training Costs

Just the opposite – we’ll bring best practices to your firm

Various levels of productivity

Highly professional staffing

Supervision/Management Time

Not Applicable

Paid Time Off

Not Applicable

Payroll Taxes

Not Applicable

Unemployment Taxes

Not Applicable

Lost productivity when unable to work

We are available every day

Unproductive time 

We only bill for the time we work for you


Not Applicable

It comes down to time management. It comes down to having fewer employees who produce the most value. It comes down to having time to focus on what is important. Most interior design firms will save money by outsourcing their back end responsibilities to the professional interior designers at Proxy Plus. 

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