Rinse and Repeat

The best part about hiring a new employee is doing interviews, because you can meet wonderful people. Unfortunately, the fun ends when a decision has to be regarding whom to hire. Based on a resume and a 30 minute interview, how can you realistically evaluate the candidates? 

But you read the tea leaves and make your decision. Then training starts and you begin to see unexpected strengths and weaknesses. Weeks slip by and you have your doubts that the hire is going to work out. You begin to wonder if your expectations are too high. Perhaps you compromise your standards and think that maybe the new hire is a good “value” based on the salary being offered. 

Then one day you realize that the person you’ve been paying for ten weeks is not going to work out and you have to let them go. Or they leave on their own volition.  Either way, you have to start the recruitment, interviewing and training process all over again. Or as the shampoo bottle phrases it: Rinse and repeat.

Most design firms will increase profits by outsourcing back office functions to the professional interior designer staff at Proxy Plus. They avoid not only the costly distractions of hiring and training new employees, but also the distractions of managing them. 

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