A Winning Team

Most of us have worked long enough to know what it is like to work with a winning team of co-workers where everyone is competent and professional. They have a positive attitude, show up for work on time, are happy to take on more responsibility, and bring new ideas on how to improve workflows. 


On the flip side, you have probably had co-workers that you were uncomfortable greeting in the morning because they might snarl back. Perhaps they miss a lot of work or blame others for mistakes. Sometimes they can be downright unpleasant. And even though you might daydream about letting them go, you continue to put up with them because you dread firing them.

Letting staff go can be emotionally difficult, but in the long term it is best for all parties. More importantly, your firm’s success and your professional enjoyment depend on having a winning team. Maximize both profits and your enjoyment by hiring designers who are a joy to work with, and outsource your back end functions to Proxy’s professionals.

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